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Why Frost Rosin

The one thing that sets our rosin above other products is our consistency. We not only strive to make the stickiest rosin on the market, but to also make sure each can you buy from us is as sticky as the last. 

For those of you that have never ordered a premixed rosin before, you may be wondering what the benefits are. The number one benefit is how much easier it is to make your rope sticky. The old way of doing it involved applying saddle soap to your tail then drying that out with powder rosin. While at time this works great, you are getting a different mixture each time.

Frost Rosin comes premixed. You simply pick our rosin out of the can and apply to your tail. You can use friction to burn it on to your tail or a lighter to melt the rosin on to your glove first. This makes the process not only easier but way more consistent than the old way.

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More About Frost Rosin

Our Story

My name is Josh Frost and I am the owner and creator of Frost Rosin. I started making bull riding rosin after trying several kinds that were not consistent. I never wanted my hand coming out of my rope to be the reason I did not win. I strive to make the stickiest and most consistent product out there.

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